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Upholstery and Drape Cleaning

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Do You Need Help with Upholstery and Drape Cleaning?

If you want to restore and extend the life of your furniture; drapery, you’ve come to the right page. Carpet Cleaning Watsonville Pro’s is highly experienced in upholstery cleaning and drapery cleaning.

Professional upholstery cleaning and professional drapery cleaning are our expertise. Our team of skilled and qualified cleaners can restore the quality and look of your upholstery and drapes. All our cleaning methods and supplies for rugs, carpets, furniture, including drapes consider household safety, including your pets.

Why Should You Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services?

Along with your rugs and carpets, your curtains and household furniture accumulate dirt, dust, grime, and stains. Over time, these can pose health risks to you and your family if not properly cleaned.

And not only that, accumulated dust and dirt contribute to the deterioration of your furniture and drapery. They stoplooking or smelling appealing. The quality degrades even more after a while not only because of daily usage but because of unsightly dirt and grime.

That’s why it’s important to schedule upholstery cleaning and drapery cleaning at least twice each year. The benefits outweigh the costs in many ways.

  • Furniture upholstery cleaning lets your family enjoy a safe and fresh living environment.
  • Sofa upholstery cleaning preserves the quality and life of your chairs, sofa, and curtains.
  • Curtains dry cleaning maintains the quality and color of the fabric.
  • Drapery dry cleaning restores the lively look of your drapes and furniture.
  • Drapery cleaning service stops dust, dirt, and bad odor from building up.

Why Carpet Cleaning Watsonville Pro’s is Your Best Choice

Our drape and upholstery cleaning company understands your needs and priorities as homeowners. We help you save money by working to maintain and restore your assets so you can avoid any need for replacement.

We also provide free and at no obligation estimation of costs. And we back our work with a 100% service guarantee. We will visit to make a full inspection of your furniture and curtains. Then we will share expert thoughts on how to best handle the upholstery and drape cleaning according to the specific condition and need of your furniture and drapes.

Here’s our 5-step Upholstery ; Drape Cleaning System:

  1. According to your preferred booking, we will send our well experienced technicians for inspection on site.
  2. Next, we will bring our cleaning equipment and set them up.
  3. We will pre-shampoo your items. You may also choose our gentle, cleaning agents that are effective in loosening all grime and dirt at an additional charge.
  4. We will use steam extraction in combination with our chosen upholstery and drape cleaning detergents.
  5. After all these, our skilled trained staff will give you instructions and tips for maintaining the pristine condition of your newly cleaned furniture and drapes.

Book Your Appointment with us Today

If you’re in the search for professional cleaning and dry cleaning services on your upholstery and furniture, give us a call today. We’re ready to provide the following services on:

  • Cotton, linen, silk, leather, and wool upholstery or drapes
  • Lace, velvet, satin, chenille, tapestry, or damask drapes
  • Old and new Upholstery and drapes
  • Stained upholstery and drapes
  • Light or darker shaded upholstery and drapes
  • Thin and thick upholstery or drapes
  • All sizes

So call 831-292-4617 for your free estimate today. We’re ready to take your booking and answer your inquiries at any time.