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Rug Cleaning

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Do You Need Rug Cleaning Services?

With years of experience in rug cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Watsonville Pro’s knows just how to treat your prized Oriental rugs. Here are some Oriental rug cleaning tips we’d like to share with you.

Preventive Maintenance is Key

Regularly maintaining the cleanliness of your costly Oriental rugs is a big money saver. With preventive maintenance, you get to keep and even pass on your favorite rugs as family heirlooms.

So schedule us for a regular clean of your precious rugs and you can lengthen the lifespan and quality of your rugs.

Expert Handling is Important

At Carpet Cleaning Watsonville Pro’s, we provide expert rug cleaning service. You can be sure that we keep and clean your rugs to restore them to their best color and shape.

Our cleaning techniques protect the integrity of any rug. We know how to restore each type of rug to its original state, look, and feel. So let us, the experts handle your precious carpets.

Trust Our Reliable Rug Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Watsonville Pro’s area rug cleaning service starts with pre-inspections. Our experienced and qualified technicians will inspect your rug’s front and back surfaces. We will also look for blemishes and defects that need attending to. We will inform you of your particular rug’s cleaning requirements after a thorough inspection.

To avoid damage, your rug should have periodic removal of dust and dirt. You may vacuum in between your booking with us. But note that ordinary vacuums cannot reach deep into your carpet rug fibers and they can’t remove all stuck particulates.

It’s important to have our skilled technicians on site to remove these debris and dirt accumulations so that your rugs don’t get old and worn from all the grime.

We use special equipment

We use specialized equipment to effectively remove dust and particulates yet gentle enough so as not to damage the fibers and colors of your rugs. Our team of expert technicians knows the right amount of pressure your particular type of rug needs.

We apply hand treatments

We also apply hand-washing techniques during the submersion bath process. We give your Oriental rugs the best treatment they deserve. We use underwater air pressure to loosen particles. And we also apply gentle jet agitation to carefully remove debris.

We perform gentle but quick-drying methods

Once we ascertain that the rug is thoroughly cleaned, we apply an efficient rinse to remove all soil and cleaning agents. We know that Oriental rugs can devaluate easily from damage especially when unskilled cleaners dry them too quickly or very slowly. But our technicians are experienced in gently drying delicate rugs. And we are careful to place them in a controlled drying room that bears the right atmosphere for cleaning and drying.

We re-inspect your rug

After the drying stage, we will make another inspection. We always check for any stubborn particles that might have remained. We look carefully into the dyes and the fibers.  We make sure that we have rinsed and combed out the fringes properly. We check that the fringes don’t have color because we know that any stain can lessen the beauty of your rugs.

We can apply additional protection

Carpet Cleaning Watsonville Pro’s knows that wool and silk fibers can easily stain and deteriorate. We know how to expertly apply a protective seal on your wool or silk rugs. This seal will keep them resistant to fading. And our added seal will keep them from sun degradation.

We are experienced in solving all your rug cleaning problems.

If your home has high humidity levels and if you have pets, you need an expert to clean your rug. Chances are, your rugs have mildew and mold problems.

They probably have insect and mite infestation. And what about those hard-to-clean stinky odors from animal excretions? Carpet Cleaning Watsonville Pro’s knows how to skillfully and permanently remove all those for you.

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